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Published April 22, 2013 by Amazing Grace

[Olivia and Grace meet at a work conference]

Grace: Hi Olivia – that was a really good talk. How are you? I was going to call you last week but it got busy – you know how it is!

Olivia: I am well and yes the talk was good. I am well.

Grace: that’s great – let’s have some tea and a gossip before the next lecture.

[Grace and Olivia pour tea and milk into cups and sit down in the corner of the conference room]

Grace: So…what new?

Olivia: Not much – just ticking along

Grace: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Olivia: I don’t know – feeling a little low these days

Grace: Really? I thought things had settled down? Did you talk?

Olivia: I wonder if I am being selfish staying in this relationship?

Grace: selfish?

Olivia: well he is not 100% happy and I can’t seem to be able to make him happy

Grace: what about you? Are you happy?

Olivia: well I am happy when he is happy…

Grace: that’s not really an answer. Are you happy in this relationship?

Olivia: well at the moment there things that are putting stress on us?

Grace: well that’s normal – life is not perfect

Olivia: but I don’t know what to do to make it better

Grace: hmm – do you like being with him , enjoy spending time with him?

Olivia: of course I do – that’s the best part, but I can’t say that the feeling is mutual.

Grace: hmm…what are you saying?

Olivia: I wonder if he is unhappy when he is with me

Grace: only one way to find out

Olivia: I’m scared

Grace: well – the truth will declare itself soon enough

Olivia: that’s what I am afraid of

Grace: you have to face life as it – speaking of which, back to work!

[Grace and Olivia place their empty teacups on the table and return to their seats]





End of the line

Published April 16, 2013 by Amazing Grace

[Grace and Olivia meet on the tube ]

Grace: how are you this morning?

Olivia: I’ve seen better days

Grace: don’t be so dramatic – the sun is shining, the temperature is in double figures – what more is there to say

Olivia: haven’t you watched the news in the past few hours?

Grace: yes, terrible

Olivia: makes me put things ins perspective

Grace: well, yes, maybe but that shouldn’t stop you making sensible, rationale decisions

Olivia: well things could be so much worse couldn’t they?

Grace: that’s not the point Olivia, things are already upside-down for you in your own little world. So you either sort it out and help yourself. Or you pull yourself together, stop whinging and help somebody else.

Olivia: that’s a bit harsh

Grace: sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. You are my friend and it upsets me to see you floundering like this. Sometimes I wonder if you are lacking in self-esteem and confidence. From the way you talk you act like you do not have the power to change anything. You act as though everything is out of your control

Olivia: well sometimes it feels that way

Grace: I think you are afraid. I think you are overly fearful. I think that leads you to make decisions that are not necessarily in your best interests…in the long term.

Olivia: what should I do?

Grace: that’s the point…you have to decide that for yourself. You have to walk in your shoes and sleep in your bed. Nobody else can decide that.

Olivia: but…but…

Grace: say it, spit it out! It won’t hurt you and it might even do you some good!

Olivia: well I am afraid of being alone

[Grace starts laughing ]

Grace: that’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. We are alone in this place. Don’t be deceived. Your arrive alone and leave alone.

Olivia: well, that’s not strictly true

Grace: believe what you like…

Olivia:I cannot stand spending evenings and weekends on my own

Grace: don’t you have any friends? Huh – I am one of them, I’ve got time for you

Olivia: it’s not the same… You have your husband and your children, your parents. Your’re busy

Grace: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. But stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have sisters, brothers, parents and friends that you could contact and make plans with. There is so much voluntary and charity work out there to do. You should never be lonely. And you shouldn’t be unhappy in a relationship – in the end it will only make you both miserable. Leave it you want to leave. Stay if you want to grow-up, fix what you are not happy with and move on. Don’t sit there like a rabbit in the head lights.

Olivia: easier said than done

Grace: no – that’s what mature adults do. You are behaving like a child. Is there something else you are not telling me…?

[Olivia looks away and out of the window]

Olivia: well, I need to go, this is my stop

Grace: I’ ll get you in the end. I always do. Have a nice day at work and I’ll call you later. Talk to him


Two minds….

Published April 16, 2013 by Amazing Grace

And so it goes something like this…

Grace: what’s wrong?

Olivia: I’m not sure

Grace: well you must know, you’ve been fussing like a bear with a sore head

Olivia: sore head? I thought it was a bear with a sore paw?

Grace: really – I don’t think so? Anyway, matters not – something’s not right. You’re not leaving until you tell me

Olivia: well I have to catch my train in 30 minutes or else I’ms stuck here for the night

Grace: well you’ve got 20 minutes to tell me what’s wrong

[Olivia sighs and picks up her cup of hot chocolate, fiddles with her napkin wriggles uncomfortably in her seat and looks desperately around the room. There are no distractions]

Olivia: well… I am not sure i am in the right relationship anymore.

Grace: how do you mean?

Olivia: well I want different things now?

Grace: different things – I don’t understand – I thought things were fine with you and Mr. Loves young dream and all that stuff.

Olivia: I’m not young anymore – I want to settle down – have a family, be normal

[Grace laughs]

Grace: there is no such thing as normal. Anyway should you not be having this conversation with Mr ? What do you talk about – if not that?

Olivia: well we have talked about a few times and he says we might get married and we might have children. I did not want to put him under pressure….

Grace: oh! And what exactly is he waiting for? What happens when you are too old to have children and he trades you in for someone younger and more fertile?

[Olivia puts her head in her hands and whispers]

Olivia: I don’t know.

Grace: how did you come to be going out with such a prize anyway?

Olivia: we just met – online and clicked in real life.

Grace: didn’t you know at the beginning that this might be a problem?

Olivia: at the beginning , I had been single for 10 years, at the beginning I was so lonely I was crying myself asleep at night. At the beginning , I was so grateful for companionship from someone who actually liked me and I liked back, that well…the end was not an issue. I might have vaguely thought about it but I was just so glad not to be lonely that it swamped any rational practical thoughts.

Grace: so do you actually like this guy?

Olivia: yes, I do. I feel more myself when I am with him, than with anybody else. I like being with him. I like talking with him. I like listening to him. I love just being in his presence. He’s kind, he is decent, he is funny. He has principles and sticks to them. He makes me want to be better.. I am happy when I am with him.

Grace: perfect….

Olivia: no he is far from perfect. He is forgetful, he can be impatient and lazy. He can drive me to distraction with some of his opinions.

Grace: well you need to speak to him, no point brewing….Do your family like him?

Olivia: my parents have met him and are not interested – don’t think he is a good match for me

Grace: Ahh…ahh… I see…? And why do they think this?

Olivia:Major differences in career (or lack of one), finances, culture and race. I’m too good for him- apparently.

Grace: and what do you think?

Olivia: well I was acutely aware of all these things from day one but somehow it never bothered me enough put me off. I think I just concentrated on him as a person and ignored the differences. I think I concentrated on the fact that we both appeared comfortable in each others presence. I think I was just concentrating on making somebody happy and making myself happy. I think I just thought it will be alright in the end…

Grace: Hmm. What do his friends think of you?

Olivia:I don’t know – I’ve never met them.

Grace:Oh. what do your friends think him?

Olivia: I don’t know. They have never met him.

Grace: hmm. Don’t you think that’s a little unusual? How long have you been seeing each other?

Olivia: 9 months…

Grace: Hmm. Why do you think that is?

Olivia: not sure – if I am being honest – I am not sure that our friends would have anything in common. But that maybe a presumption on my part!

Grace: hmm

Olivia: but I just cannot imagine being with anybody else. I don’t want to be with anybody else. I just wish the circumstances around us would change for the better.

Grace: what do his family think of you?

Olivia: I don’t know – I have not met them – …yet?

Grace: Olivia – that’s one weird relationship that you have going on there.

Olivia: I know. But when it’s the two of us – the rest of the world fades away

Grace: Olivia, you cannot live in that kind of bubble forever

Olivia: I have to go now – my train is coming

Grace: I’ll call you – we need to talk- you need to talk to Mr