Ask a Mormon…

Published April 10, 2013 by Amazing Grace

Apparently they are everywhere…

I am referring to the outdoor campaign at London Underground stations (and buses) that is going to be run for the next month. I think it is in response to the Book of Mormon play that is showing at the Prince of Wales theatre. I have heard that the tickets are sold out.

I was fascinated by seeing posters all over Piccadilly station with seemingly normal smiley people declaring “I am a Mormon”. I understand that the Mormon Church was taking advantage of the publicity surrounding the play.

As I was going up the escalators I wondered how it might look if other faiths/ groups took out such a campaign. “I am a Jew/Muslim/Hindu/Sikh/Buddhist/Agnostic/Atheist/Diest”etc etc… London is a multicultural after-all.



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