See you on the other side

Published April 8, 2013 by Amazing Grace

Once again I have crossed over to the other side and have become a patient for the morning. This time – MRI brain.

5 years since the last time to look at my pituitary gland in view of my ever increasing prolactin.

MRI machines are noisy business – even with the headphones on. I never heard the music from Magic FM that they claimed would be coming through the speakers. However it did not matter because I had enough thoughts of my own to distract me.

Such as – what will I do when I get the result? What will I do? Who will help me?

Then I was interrupted by the radiographer coming to put a cannula in my arm to allow him to give the contrast. I’d forgotten how uncomfortable a tourniquet felt. I wasn’t sure if it was the contrast or the thought of what the contrast would be highlighting but I was filled with an overwhelming sense of nausea that is with me still.

Then I started noticing how small the tunnel I was lying in was. Then I started to worry even more – what will I do?

Always worrying at the end when the radiographer says ” when are you going to see your consultant next”. Worrying on many levels. As it is, my next appointment is not for another year, so I am going to have to go thought the tedious process of trying to contact my consultant through the protective secretaries or perhaps e-mail.

Anyway for now my next battle is getting through my work. I have an afternoon of people to see, sitting on the other side.


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